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Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

Please continue to follow the parking lot rules for the safety of all students:

  • Only park in visitor spaces in the parking lot.

  • Please DO NOT

      • Let your children out on the other side of the cones unless your child is a special needs student and you are going to personally walk your child to the curb.

      • Park in front of the kindergarten yard and leave your vehicle.  

      • Park behind the handicapped crosswalk; it closes off the flow of traffic.

  • The children are not permitted to run between the parked cars to get to class or to the car.

  • Students may only be picked at the Tracy entrance in front of the cones.  This may seem inconvenient but it is for the safety of ALL the children.

  • Please enter in the driveway closest to the K yard (south side) and exit the other driveway (north side).

Posted by: Martha Feinstein Published:8/14/17
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